Location: Tonge, Sittingbourne, Kent, UK

Beneficiaries: Crafts apprentices, The Fire Fighters Charity, Renewable Energy research, Reducing landfill

About Elvis & Kresse

Elvis & Kresse was set up in 2005 to solve the problem of material ending up in landfill. They started with London’s decommissioned Fire-hose. In 2010 none go to landfill anymore. In 2017 they partnered with The Burberry Foundation to help tackle their leather waste. They also reclaim parachute silk, auction banners, and printing blankets to name a few of the other materials. They upcycle the materials and ethically handmake them into sustainable luxury bags and accessories. 50% of our profits go to charity. To date Elvis & Kresse have rescued over 200 tons from landfill. Their workshop runs on renewable energy.

Every year since they started Elvis & Kresse have donated 50% of their profits to charity, the biggest beneficiary being The Fire Fighters Charity. They have saved over 200 tons of material going to landfill. The business employs craftsmen and apprentices in the hopes of bringing craftsmanship back to the UK. Since they have solved London’s fire-hose waste problem they are now tackling an even larger problem: leather waste, of which 800,000 tons end up in landfill yearly. Elvis & Kressebelieve in ethical production and all their pieces are handmade by their craftsmen, who are all treated fairly and equally.