Location: UK-wide (offices are in Sheffield and Stirling)

Beneficiaries: patients, carers and service users, and staff providing health and care services

About Care Opinion

Care Opinion is the UK’s leading non-profit feedback platform for health and social care.

At Care Opinion anyone can share their feedback about a health or social care service. We publish people’s experiences of care online for everyone to see and learn from, and share them with the right staff in health and social care organisations.

Care Opinion is used by around 500 health/care organisations, including care providers, commissioners, regulators, educators and researchers. There are over 250,000 stories on Care Opinion, read over 95 million times, and 100,000 people visit the site each week.

Our mission is to provide an online platform so that:

  • people can share honest feedback easily and without fear
  • stories are directed to wherever they can help make a difference, and
  • everyone can see how and where services are listening and changing in response

Andrew Murray, medical director at NHS Forth Valley, says: “I honestly believe Care Opinion is the one feedback system that offers potential for actual transformation of healthcare organisations. It connects the person having the experience with the team, in the most direct and human way, and that’s what makes it so powerful in enabling change.”