Compass Wellbeing

Head of Delivery and Performance

  • London - travel within the M25 and to Luton & Bedfordshire will be required
  • Full time
  • Up to £50,000 per annum depending on experience
  • Closing date:
  • This role will provide leadership of the organisational operational delivery of Compass Wellbeing services and contracts agreed with the CEO. This includes, but not exclusive to, human resources management and infrastructure resourcing. This role will work closely with the Head of Finance/Senior Finance Manager, Senior Projects manager and Head of Partnerships of Strategy to deliver Compass Wellbeing’s strategy and work collaboratively to run the day-to-day business activities.

    1. Line management:

    • 1.1. Responsible for the line management of all operational staff in advocacy & interpreting, Medical Devices , charity contracts along with the administrative staff at Compass Wellbeing, currently 5 direct reports.
    • 1.2. Ensuring all staff have the opportunity to develop and grow through training and development opportunities including statutory training.
    • 1.3. Maintain a regular appraisal process and individual develop team members through PDPs

    2. HR:

    • 2.1. Develop and deliver regular appraisals and personal development plans.
    • 2.2. Manage the end to end staff processes, from recruitment and on boarding to regular 1:1s and offboarding.
    • 2.3. Continue the established relationship with a third party HR consultancy to continue to improve processes.
    • 2.4. Continue with organisational development to deliver assurance and robust support.
    • 2.5. To be the super user on the HR database and Manage the HR Provider contract.
    • 2.6. Develop and monitor staff benefits schemes.
    • 2.7. Support the recruitment of all staff and service users in line with contracts.

    3. Contract Delivery:

    • 3.1. Responsible for the delivery of all responsible operational contracts signed by Compass Wellbeing 9 Currently Advocacy and interpreting, Medical Devices and ELFT Charity).
    • 3.2. Responsible for the development of the board report and assurance framework of the managed operational contracts.
    • 3.3. Responsible for the development of the board report and assurance focusing on the balanced scorecard for the delivery of the managed contracts.
    • 3.4. Assurance and delivery of the relationships and performance meetings with commissioners in the delivery of contracts.
    • 3.5. Deliver regular programme of audits to ensure compliance with the agreed level of contracts.
    • 3.6. Negotiate contract agreements and ensuring all KPIs are met and ideally exceeded.
    • 3.7. Ensure all contracts are delivering value for money and are resourced accordingly.
    • 3.8. Set and performance management sub contracts on accordance with contracts.

    4. ELFT Charity:

    • 4.1. Adopt the role of the ELFT Charity Operational Lead.
    • 4.2. Deliver the assurance of the Charity function by ensuring the papers for the board subcommittee and operational committee are prepared and developed in the agreed timelines.
    • 4.3. Manage the grant making process and ensure it is in line with the vision set out by the ELFT Charity board subcommittee.
    • 4.4. Lead of the fundraising strategy development, alongside the fundraising coordinator to ensure the charity is a viable entity. Including promotion and brand development.
    • 4.5. Be the key point of contact to support the communications, finance, legal and other functions of the Charity.
    • 4.6. Maintain the relationship with NHS Charities Together to monitor the value and benefits of the membership.
    • 4.7. Scope and apply for grants to develop the income revenue for the charity.
    • 4.8. Lead on the growth strategy for the charity.
    • 4.9. Develop reporting mechanisms for assurance including end of year accounts and reports.
    • 4.10. Liaise with the accountants, auditors and other outsourced providers for the delivery of the ELFT charity delivery.

    5. Other responsibilities:

    • 5.1. Manage any adhoc events, including strategy days, conferences, team days or wider events in the community.
    • 5.2. Responsible for supporting the CEO for business development along with Head of Strategy and Partnerships and wider senior team
    • 5.3. Responsible forsupporting the CEO for brand promotion and development.
    • 5.4. To uphold integrity compassion, financial viability and accountability in all work.
    • 5.5. Responsible for the development of IT systems and external contractor relationships.

    To find out more, and to apply for the role, contact