State of Social Enterprise Nigeria Social Enterprise UK British Council 263

This report reveals the state of social enterprises in Nigeria. The findings are timely. Governments and communities are looking to minimise the economic and social damage caused by Covid-19 and, in the longer term, see the pandemic as an opportunity to rebuild economies on a fairer, more inclusive footing. As businesses that combine positive social and
environmental impact with financial sustainability, social enterprises have a vital role to play.

The study reveals a burgeoning social enterprise landscape with 72 percent of the surveyed social enterprises having been set up since 2014 and 43 percent since 2018. Some 77 percent of social enterprise leaders are under 45. Yet, the study also found a lack of awareness of and affiliation to the social enterprise movement, with just 25 percent of businesses that we could define as social enterprises self-identifying as such.

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This study was commissioned by the British Council and conducted by Qualiquant Services Limited with support
from Social Enterprise UK (SEUK).