International Reports

We’ve been working with the British Council and others to carry out research and produce reports looking into the global impact of the social enterprise movement. These mapping exercises are establishing how social enterprises are operating across the world. We have also been making the case for social enterprises to feature more prominently in global efforts to reduce poverty and inequality.

Creative and Social Enterprise in South Africa

This report, part of the British Council's DICE programme, looks into the scale and impact of social and creative enterprises in South Africa as well as some of the key challenges these businesses are facing.Read more

The State of Social Enterprise in Jamaica

This mapping exercise provides insight on the current situation within which social enterprise in Jamaica operate and how they are taking on the major issues faced in the country.Read more

The State of Social Enterprise in Malaysia

This report maps the Malaysian social enterprise landscape, identifying key opportunities and issues that need to be addressed to create a healthy and sustainable ecosystem for social enterprises to thrive.Read more

The State of Social Enterprise in Turkey

This report looks closer at the social enterprise landscape in Turkey and demonstrates demonstrates the powerful role that social enterprise can play in providing opportunities for diverse groups.Read more

The State of Social Enterprise in Vietnam

This survey finds that interest in social enterprise is growing significantly in Vietnam, one of Asia’s most dynamic countries, among budding entrepreneurs, NGOs, policy makers, funders and academics.Read more

The State of Social Enterprise in Indonesia

Social enterprise is growing rapidly in the world’s fourth most populous country, generating employment, supporting communities, and addressing inequalities. Among the survey’s many noteworthy findings are that there is gender parity in the leadership of social enterprises and that their top sector of business activity is the creative industries.Read more

Global City Challenges - The creative and social economy solution

Home to over half the world's population, cities produce 80 per cent of global GDP but also face myriad complex challenges. This report looks at how the creative and social economies can offer solutions to some of these challenges, spur innovation and help us overcome the challenges of tomorrow.Read more

The State of Social Enterprises in Sri Lanka

This pioneering study finds that social enterprise is growing rapidly across Sri Lanka in sectors ranging from manufacturing to agriculture.Read more

Greece Social and Solidarity Report

Cooperatives, social enterprises and other SSE organisations are helping to tackle some of Greece’s most significant challenges, such as poverty and unemployment, and providing support for the elderly, people with disabilities and marginalised populations, this important survey finds.Read more

The State of Social Enterprise in Kenya

In Kenya, where the youth unemployment rate is 25 per cent, 65 per cent of all social enterprises seek to create employment opportunities and the sector provides significant leadership opportunities for young people and women. Moreover, one in ten Kenyan social enterprise operates internationally.Read more

The State of Social Enterprise in Ethiopia

This survey finds that social enterprise is experiencing dynamic growth in Ethiopia, where 75 per cent of social enterprises were established since 2010 and most expect to expand in coming years.Read more

The State of Social Enterprise in the Philippines

This landmark report finds that social enterprise is taking off in the Philippines where the number of social enterprise start-ups has tripled in the last decade and a new wave of young social entrepreneurs is emerging.Read more

The State of Social Enterprise in Bangladesh, Ghana, India and Pakistan

This landmark survey provides a rich and fascinating trove of data on social enterprises in Bangladesh, Ghana, India and Pakistan, including about their operations, turnover, impact, beneficiaries, challenges and number.Read more

Think Global Trade Social

Social Enterprise UK and the British Council, with the support of the World Bank, make the case that the Sustainable Development Goals must embrace the potential of business to deliver meaningful sustainable development. The Think Global, Trade Social Report includes a foreword by Nobel Laureate, Professor Muhammad Yunus.Read more

Lighting the Way: the state of social enterprise in Morocco 2014

SEUK was commissioned by the British Council Morocco and the Centre for Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship (CISE) to research the early stages of social enterprise development and its landscape in Morocco.Read more