Around the world the social enterprise movement is growing. On every continent, social enterprises are taking on the biggest social problems – reducing poverty, tackling income inequality, fighting for women’s rights, creating jobs and promoting sustainable growth. There’s never been a more important time for the world to wake up to the potential of social enterprise if we are to make the ideals behind the Sustainable Development Goals a reality.

Social Enterprise UK works with partners to promote social enterprise as a crucial way of ensuring inclusive sustainable development. With the British Council we represent the UK social enterprise sector overseas and help develop the social enterprise ecosystem in locations as diverse as Turkey, Japan, China, Ethiopia and New Zealand. We share good practice in both directions to help social enterprise grow internationally. We also continue to broker opportunities for partners, intermediaries and members alike. 

Social Enterprise UK’s work to help grow the global movement includes:

  • Designing, hosting and organising visits from politicians and decision makers to the UK to meet with British experts, civil servants and ministers; helping them to understand what has helped build the social enterprise movement in the UK.   
  • Helping steer the direction of the Social Enterprise World Forum, and its growing global network.
  • Providing insight and support to other European nations and European Commission through our role within the Commission’s Expert Group on Social Business.
  • Helping build and working with similar national organisations being established in other countries.
  • Developing learning and support programmes for social enterprise leaders.
  • Providing bespoke, specialist business consultancy support to individual organisations and agencies.
  • Disseminating and sharing policy advice, information and publications internationally.
  • Speaking at events, inspiring political leaders and decision makers of the opportunities social enterprise presents.
  • Hosting and organising international delegations visiting the UK to learn good practice.

For more information about booking a speaker, research services, international visits or consultancy contact Charlie Wigglesworth on 020 3589 4952 or email

Think Global Trade Social

Social Enterprise UK published a joint report with the British Council and World Bank arguing that for the SDGs to be realised decision makers need to embrace the potential of social enterprise to deliver meaningful sustainable development. To meet the challenges ahead we need to both think global and trade social.