Social Saturday is about your social enterprise, the work you do and the positive impact you have. It’s also about the social enterprise movement which is changing mind-sets and transforming lives throughout the country. Social Saturday is an opportunity for you to showcase what you do through being part of a nationwide campaign which aims to raise the profile of the sector to a mass audience.

Campaign Pack

We've put together this campaign pack to help your social enterprise get the most out of Social Saturday. It contains template press releases, an invitation to your MP, some sample tweets and more! 

Press Release to send before an event - Use this to raise the profile of your event in the media. It contains sample quotes from our CEO, Peter Holbrook, CEO of the Co-Op Group, Steve Murrells and the Minister for Civil Society, Tracey Crouch MP.

Press release to send after an event - If you're sending out a release after your Social Saturday event, this is for you. It also contains a quote from SEUK and our partners, the Co-op and DCMS. Don't forget to include some pictures. 

Sample tweets - Let's get #SocialSaturday2017 trending! Use these sample tweets and help spread the word.

Invitation to your MP - Send this letter out to your MP or to local councillors to invite them to either come along to your Social Saturday event or to just find out more about what you do. 

Letter to editor - Let your local paper know about your work and your plans for Social Saturday. A key Social Saturday message is the role that social enterprises play in their communities and how they strengthen local economies - getting your event in the local press will help to get this message across. 

MP letter - If your MP is supporting you on Social Saturday send this draft letter to them which they can use to get local coverage.

Top tips for an MP visit - Our Public Affairs Manager has put together this very useful little guide on what you need to think about before your MP comes along to visit.

Social Saturday collateral - Social Saturday t-shirts and bunting (shown in the picture below) are available to order from Supply Shack. To place your order email [email protected]

Social enterprise pop-up fair in Bristol

You can also download the Social Saturday frame template (shown below) here. These can also be edited and personalised by your organisation (add images, text etc.) and used as posters.

Editable templates to use for social media can be downloaded here for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Social Saturday media launch at Brigade

Film from Michael Sheen to share

Our patron, Michael Sheen has put together this short film showing how consumers can use their spending power to make a difference to issues that matter to them through buying from a social enterprise. Please do embed on your website and share on social media. It's a great little film showing how through making one small change you can make one BIG impact - 

Social Saturday Ideas 

What you do is entirely up to you and will depend on who you work with, your social mission and the time and resources you have to hand. If you’re a large public sector health spinout you’ll have a different approach to Social Saturday than if you’re a small social enterprise café. But regardless of the type of social enterprise you run, we’d love for you to get involved if it works for your business. We're also fully aware that not all social enterprises trade on a Saturday and we'll be encouraging activity to happen in the preceding week if Saturday is not possible. The strength of our sector lies in its diversity, and so the more of you making noise on Social Saturday the bigger our collective reach will be! Here are some suggestions, based on the last three years of the campaign on how you can get involved:

Social Saturday offers/discounts

If you're a consumer facing social enterprise why not put on a special Social Saturday offer or even create a special Social Saturday product - in the past we've had Social Saturday themed cakes and even cocktails! Make sure you're telling your customers about the day and the fact that you're a social enterprise. 

Open day / MP visit

Use the campaign as a opportunity to invite MPs and councillors to your social enterprise. It's a fantastic opportunity to influence decision makers and show them that another way of doing business is possible. It's also a fantastic media hook, so through in an invitation to your local press as well! Closer to the time we'll be creating template letters and press release for you to send to your representatives and media. 

Nicky Morgan MP visits Social Saturday event in Loughborough hosted by Jerry Bottles and Enactus Loughborough

Work with other local social enterprises 

Why not use Social Saturday to build on or forge new relationships with other social enterprises in your area. You could join forces and put on a social enterprise themed marketplace like Bristol did last year or put on a social enterprise awareness raising and networking event like three social enterprises did in Norwich. 

Knowledge sharing

You could put on a knowledge sharing event where you can talk about your experiences as a social enterprise. This may involve topics such as winning public sector contracts, working with the private sector, your experiences of social investment, working with a particular client group or demographic, or just talking about how you spread the social enterprise message as an organisation.

Build on what you already do and make some noise!

The simplest way to get involved in Social Saturday is to use it as an opportunity to shout out loud about what you do. Build on what you're already doing and use the campaign to draw focus to your work. Use it to get in your local press using the template press releases which we will provide and join the conversation on social media using #SocialSaturday2017

Social media

An easy way to make some noise about your social enterprise is on social media. Even if you’re not putting on an event, you can always take some photos of staff, customers or service users - with their permission. Use #Socialsaturday2017 and let’s get it trending! Take a look at the sample tweets we've provided above. If you’ve got more time you could even take a short film using a smartphone and share it. 


Make sure you shout loudly about your social enterprise on Social Saturday! If you’re hosting an event, remember to let the press and your local MP know about it weeks in advance - this will help to raise the profile of the day further and get some great coverage for your organisation. Use the resources in this pack to help you out.

Other ways of promoting your event are to set it up as a Facebook event, create an email signature, and invite all of your customers to come along and support you.

Keep us posted

Do let us know what you’ve got planned. Contact us at [email protected] or tag us in your tweets - @SocialEnt_UK using #SocialSaturday2017