Sarah is the founder and CEO of ISE, a social enterprise which was established in June 2000 based in Digbeth, Birmingham. ISE is an intermediary organisation whose mission is to grow and develop the social enterprise sector using innovation and partnership to achieve its goals.  Sarah has been a pioneer developing social enterprise places and peer to peer networks. She has a keen interest in supporting women and social enterprise especially in some of the most deprived wards in Birmingham.

Since its inception ISE has supported the start-up of over 350 social enterprises and works with an additional 500 SE’s supporting business growth and enhancing social value. 

Sarah is a keen advocate of social enterprise ‘Places’ and has been the catalyst for both Digbeth [which has the largest number of social enterprises in a square mile] and Birmingham which has registered as a social enterprise city. Sarah also runs Birmingham City Drive to promote social enterprise to residents and workers in the city which last year reached over 240,000 people and she is keen to increase that number in 2020. 

Finally, Sarah is a member of the RSA, is an Industrial Fellow of Aston University, is on several social enterprise boards and more recently she and ISE have won a number of awards reflecting the impact of their work in Birmingham. Sarah is especially proud to have won an equality award from the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce for her work with women. She is passionate about social enterprise!