"Think Carer"

Herefordshire and Worcestershire STP intend to use their involvement in the Building Health Partnerships: Self-care programme to: 

  • Develop their work recognising and valuing Carers – exploring ways to overcome challenges to engagement across the STP and working co-productively to embed the role into a range of pathways, new models of care and the STP workforce.

First Partnership Session

Herefordshire and Worcestershire STP held their first full partnership session at the beginning of July. This event helped them focus their work on carers and self-care. The group now aims to: 

  • Develop a 'think carer at all times' check and balance for STP work streams including work force development. A carer health and wellness review and to champion carer awareness and support system wide.  

For more detail of their plans see this short presentation here

Second Partnership Session

The second partnership session took place on 11th October and allowed participants to build on the learning from the first session and decide on action plans going forward. The slides from the session can be found here, the key notes and actions are also available here.


“If I can find a way to improve my health and wellbeing, I can improve the life of the person I care for.”

Maggie Sanderson, a carer from the area, shares her thoughts on the first partnership session and what she hopes the programme will achieve in this blog piece.

For more information on upcoming partnership meetings please contact: [email protected]