When it comes to physical First Aid, many of us know what to do to help and it’s easy to find training, support and guidance should we wish to provide it for others. When it comes to Suicide First Aid, however, many people wouldn’t know where to go to receive training or even know who to turn to at work or within communities should the need arise.

Suicide Safer Communities is looking to train 625 people across Devon and Torbay to become Suicide First Aiders within their communities - so that collectively we can prevent this tragic loss of life.

To do this, they need support and on Tuesday 24 October launched their campaign to raise £100,000.

They really need support from people across the region and invite people to make a small donation on their campaign page. Even £2 will make a difference and help save lives.

Further information and resources are available from their website, or by following their Twitter and Facebook pages.

Nicola Glassbrook, Senior Public Health Officer (Health Inequalities in the Communities team) said:

“As part of my job here at Devon County Council I often have to attend meetings to talk about suicide. I am always touched by how many people come up to me at the end of to say that they have lost someone through suicide; a family member, a close friend, a work colleague.

“Though seldom discussed, suicide affects so many people. Most people who kill themselves have not been in contact with specialist mental health services or even talked to their GP, this is why it is so important to have people in the community who are able to identify when someone is feeling suicidal, have the confidence to engage them in conversation and the knowledge to know where to signpost them for support.

“This is a great way to support suicide prevention across Devon and Torbay.”