Alive and Kicking

Alive and Kicking sets up and supports not-for-profit social enterprises in Africa. Through the manufacture of sports balls in Kenya, Zambia and Ghana, we generate employment for adults, raise awareness about preventable disease such as HIV and malaria among young people, and provides robust and affordable balls for disadvantaged children. We create fairly paid jobs, and donate sports balls to disadvantaged children.


At CLARITY we provide blind and disabled people with work and training by manufacturing our range of everyday bathroom and cleaning products such as shower gel, washing up liquid and mens toiletries. Buying from us means you get quality products with the added “feel good” factor of helping disabled people achieve their independence and really contribute to society. CLARITY was established in 1854 and has been providing a bridge from long term unemployment to a career and support within and beyond the organisation for over 160 years. One small change (purchasing from CLARITY) really can make one BIG difference to someone’s life.


We don’t have shareholders like private companies, or any bonuses to pay out. We are a staff owned mutual that invests any surpluses back into our services – including community sports development. So far, we’ve invested millions of pounds into sport and leisure including £6m into the country’s largest independent athlete support programme in the UK. To date, 2,000 athletes have benefitted from our support including seven Rio Olympic Medalists and six Paralympic Medalists. We are here for the good of the communities we operate in.

The Goodwash Company

Our purpose is to help support those in need, and enable people in their communities and animals in their environment to improve their lives for the better. Our products are a mechanism for raising funds to achieve this end. 100% of all profits are donated to 'The Good wash Foundation' to fund individuals and organisations to deliver projects that make this difference. For example, our woof wash helps rescue dogs. Our shampoo tackles youth homelessness. 

Hey Girls 

We believe that access to sanitary products is a right, not a privilege. Hey Girls has one clear goal: for every pack of Hey Girls sanitary products we sell, we give a pack away to a girl or young woman in need in the UK. Our products are 100% organic, environmentally friendly, made from sustainable materials, and come in recyclable packaging. We seek to exercise social and ethical responsibility in every aspect of our work - from where we source our products, through to our supply chain, and the way we run our social business.


OneSqin makes organic cotton tampons and natural skincare products. (To be kind, we’ll say they’re equally as nice as the ones you’re using right now.) 100% of profits are donated to charities that empower girls in need through education. So that simply by using essential items, you can help girls across the world escape a cycle of poverty.

Smile Together

Smile Together is an award-winning, employee-owned dental CIC working across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. As a social enterprise, we reinvest our profits back into our local communities. Our clinics provide community NHS and emergency treatments to patients not registered with a dentist, and also offer competitively-priced private dental care as Brighter Dental. Our Brighter Smiles programme brings tooth-brushing clubs, educational visits and fluoride varnishes to children in areas of high decay across Cornish communities. This summer, our #SmilesAtSea campaign took a mobile dental unit to Cornish harboursides and provided dental treatments and advice to fishermen and their families.

Soap Co.

The Soap Co. is an UK ethical luxury brand creating products that are good and do good. The Soap Co. is part of CLARITY, which was founded in 1854 to employ, train and support people with disabilities. We currently employ more than 100 blind, disabled or otherwise disadvantaged people across the country. By reinvesting 100% of our profits, we aim to generate 60 new job opportunities every year.