As well as expanding our perm team, we are always on the lookout for freelancers who could come on board projects and play roles in specific areas. Right now, we’d love to hear from you if you think the below could be a good fit for you.

Ninety Consulting is an established boutique insurance innovation specialist, working with large global insurance brands, and competing successfully with Big 4 consultancies.

A different sort of company:
We are motivated by a desire to use our profits to play a big part in addressing causes of poverty in third world countries. Ninety Consulting is a wholly-­‐owned subsidiary of a registered social enterprise, Ninety CIC, and 90% of our distributable profit goes to such causes, with the other 10% being shared amongst staff as a profit share. Our vision is to give £1bn to social causes over a 30-­‐year timeframe. Buy-­in to our vision and cause is an important part of feeling part of the team at Ninety.

UX Associate

We are looking for an in-­‐the-­‐room practitioner, who can participate in intensive workshop days where we have 2-­3 customers present, and with whom we need to develop an understanding of needs, preferences, useful journeys, possible marketing messages and user experiences. Typically, this all takes place during a highly-­iterative, heavily-­facilitated single day workshop, with clients in the room as well as the customers. This role typically looks after the customers, and works with them to sketch out possible journeys, messages and user experiences. 

Skills sought:

  • Wireframing, paper-­‐prototyping, experience sketching, and customer journey mapping
  • Consumer personas and needs analysis
  • Primary consumer research, depth interviews, working in-­‐the-­‐room with consumers

Would suit someone who has been an agency or freelance UX architect, with strong experience of blending creativity and customer journey skills with iterative customer research / UCD processes. Needs to be confident, intuitive, good at public-­speaking, but equally good at hearing what customers need. 

Tech Associate

Role we are looking for technical project managers or Scrum Masters for technology pilots and wider proof-­of-­concepts. The role will be overseeing teams, mostly from our technology partners or other 3rd parties, who will be building, testing and running pilot and/or production systems, with appropriate levels of hosting and support in place. The role is likely to be involved in multiple projects, sometimes concurrently, but with flexibility due to 

Skills sought:

  • Technical architecture, software development, development methodologies
  • Mix of technology stacks, probably to include fluency in .NET, Java and open-­source tooling
  • Deployment management, environment management, release protocols, etc.
  • Software testing, UAT, automated tests and QA processes
  • Scrum Agile software development processes
  • Web hosting and information security
  • Technical support for production systems

Would suit someone who has been a technical architect or project manager in a software house, and most likely who has been an accomplished software developer. We don’t need someone to write code or manage systems, but we do need someone who can competently manage, oversee and direct teams who are doing so, and do so whilst facing confidently into a demanding client. Needs to be competent, technically-­fluent, diligent and methodical, whilst also – importantly – being a good interface between non-­technical team members and the technical experts. 

To apply: contact [email protected] with your Cover Letter (max 1 page) and CV