7-12th October

We know that social enterprises are helping to build a better world.

We want to make sure that your potential customers know what you do and how they can help you to deliver greater impact by Buying Social.

Buy Social for a Better World is a campaign to celebrate the work that you do and make sure that people know about it.

The message of the campaign is simple – when you Buy Social, it creates impact. This is reflected in the campaign material (we will be adding campaign packs to this page in the coming weeks!)

The campaign will also be supported with an exciting Augmented Reality campaign featuring social enterprise products in store at the Co-op. By going in store and downloading the Zappar app Michael Sheen, Chris Addison, Caitlin Moran and Sali Hughes will appear to tell the customer directly about the impact of buying that product and to look out for the Buy Social badge to recognise other social enterprises.

There are lots of ways that you can get involved digitally with the campaign to help you attract new customers, reinforce your impact message to existing customers and also to engage your staff in the social enterprise sector.

As the main aim of this campaign is to encourage your customers to Buy Social, this year we are running a week of digital activity broken down by markets, so you can take part on whatever days are relevant to your business and focus on your target customer group.

Monday and Tuesday will set the context, raising awareness of the sector and the impact it delivers.

Wednesday will focus on private sector customers – If your main customer group is other businesses then this is the day to let them know the impact they are helping to create by Buying Social. Use our social media template to create posts, tag your business customers so they know what they are helping to achieve, and encourage them to show how proud they are to support the work you do by sharing their own posts about Buying Social.

Thursday will focus on public sector customers – For those social enterprises who work mainly with public sector contracts this is your day to get involved. By using the same social media template (coming soon!) and messaging we want the decision makers to take note and put pressure on procurement teams to value social value and Buy Social. Tag your local MP and/or Mayor and make sure they know the impact that you are delivering in their constituencies and beyond. If you are already working with a local council then tag them so they can show they are involved too!

Friday and Saturday will focus on consumers – If you have a retail product or service then Friday and Saturday are your days to shine. We will be promoting the Augmented Reality campaign and getting our high profile partners broadcast and media opportunities to raise awareness of the sector.

You can take part on more than one day if you have more than one customer group!

Buy Social Badge

In the lead up to the campaign we will profiling a number of our members, talking about the incredible impact they create and how they can be recognised as a social enterprise by using the Buy Social Badge. See their stories here.

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