Who we are Here is a Brighton based organisation that through partnership we create health services and solutions which are shaped around the needs of the person. Our purpose is care unbound – to create more possibilities for care in every moment. The role This is a new role. This is a different role. This is not about protecting our bean pile, this is about ensuring we have a viable offer and business to deliver our purpose Care Unbound, while contributing to the health of the broader system we all live and work in. It’s about acting as the steward for all our resources, in the interests of the broader community and leading our commercial activities that builds builds purposeful, meaningful relationships across all sectors we work with nationally and internationally.
Website link for full job description: http://hereweare.org.uk/working-with-us/jobs-at-here/#finance-commercial-director
Point of contact for applicants *: info@hereweare.org.uk

Location *: Brighton and Hove
Close Date *: 30/06/2017
Salary *: Starting salary at £85k, more for exceptional expertise and approach, pension and full or part time working available