History of Social Enterprises in Wrexham

Wrexham has a number of well-established social enterprises including Caia Park Partnership and Saith Seren.  Both manage property, deliver services to disadvantaged groups and or serve a cultural purpose (e.g. promotion of the Welsh language).  There are a number of newer organisations who have developed to maintain services in a climate of public sector spending cuts (Splash Magic Swimming pool).  This is a trend that is likely to continue.  Other new Wrexham enterprises would in the past established themselves as charities but in the current climate have adopted a more enterprising approach (e.g. Brymbo heritage) seeking sustainable funding rather than depending on grants.

Current Social Enterprise Landscape in Wrexham

Wrexham is a hot bed of social enterprise activity, ambitiously describing itself as ‘the social enterprise capital of Wales!’  Seventeen social enterprises are active members of the Wrexham Social Enterprise Network which came together about 18 months ago to promote and support social enterprises in Wrexham.  Many more exist running community centres and afterschool and holiday clubs.  Many charities in Wrexham are also becoming more enterprising moving away from grant and public sector dependency.  Wrexham’s social enterprises are diverse in terms of size and who they work with.  What we are certain of is that they are increasing in number!

Key Objectives over the Coming Year

1. Attract finance and funding to support the setting up and growth of social enterprise in Wrexham

2. Increase number of young people involved in social enterprise in Wrexham

3. Raise the profile of Social Enterprises with the public and private sector and the general public

Stakeholder Group

  • Caia Park Partnership                    
  • Ffin Media                                         
  • AVOW
  • Saith Seren                                        
  • Dee Valley Partnership                 
  • Santander
  • Splash Magic                                     
  • Glyndwr University                        
  • Wrexham CBC
  • Moneypenny Foundation                  
  • Brymbo Heritage trust                       
  • Cynefin
  • Kim Inspire                                           
  • PSS                                                         
  • Glynwylfa
  • Groundwork North Wales                 
  • Wrexham Football Supporters Trust  
  • Vic Studios
  • Wales Coop
  • Social Enterprise Consulting                            

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Contact Details

Alison Hill Caia Park Partnership and Wrexham Social Enterprise Network – Alison.hill@caiapark.org – 01978 310984

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