History of social enterprises in Sheffield

Sheffield is one of the UK’s largest cities, and plays an important role in the nation’s overall economy. Sheffield’s name is synonymous with the steel industry, and until as recently as the mid-80s, the steel industry was a significant employer. Sheffield today is a city that is proud of its heritage, that is forward-thinking, and that is eager to embrace new technologies. 

Description of the current social enterprise landscape in Sheffield

The social enterprise landscape in Sheffield is rich and varied, spread as it is across all business sectors, but it is relatively fragmented. Enterprises do not meet or support each other as much as they could do, and there are major gaps in awareness, even between enterprises working in the same sector. Although there are some key icons in the city, there is plenty of room to grow the profile of social enterprise so that any business could provide social benefits, and so that many social organisations could trade as enterprises.

Key objectives

Aim 1: Further increase awareness with the public, business & statutory stakeholders of the value of Social Enterprise and the impact created across the Sheffield area.

Aim 2: Build on existing support for social enterprises in the Sheffield area, providing new opportunities for social enterprise to share knowledge and best practise.

Aim 3: Work closely with existing infrastructure & peer support organisations like the Sheffield Social Enterprise Network to ensure there is a sustainable & integrated membership-based local support network.

Stakeholder group

Darren Chouings – Sheffield Social Enterprise Network
Dave Thornett – The Keyfund
Richard Wright – Sheffield Chamber of Commerce
Andreana Drencheva -University of Sheffield Management School
Yvonne Asquith – Business Sheffield
Matthew Dean – ZEST community
Paul Senior – SOAR Build
Rory Ridley-Duff – Sheffield Hallam University   
Steve Buckley – Social Enterprise Exchange
Laura lH Bennett – Private Sector Member, LEP Board