Current social enterprise landscape in Salford

Salford has a strong record of social enterprise activity. There are a range of sizeable social enterprises, tackling a range of social issues, some that have developed from scratch (such as Big Life Group, Helping Hands, The Lowry, SMaRT Garage Services, Start in Salford and Unlimited Potential), others that have spun out from the public sector (such as Salford Community Leisure, Salford Health Matters, Six Degrees and Social adVentures). The University of Salford has recently been awarded the Social Enterprise Gold Mark and some housing providers, such as City West Housing Trust, are moving in this direction, complementing an earlier tradition of housing co-operatives (such as New Barracks and Windsor Albion). There is also a diversity of smaller enterprises, both more established (such as Hot Bed Press, People’s Voice Media, Positive Moves, Salford Online, the Star Inn and Tinytots Vision) and start-ups (such as Cowherd’s, Real Vending and Visit from the Stork).

Key objectives 

1.  Your Shout: Hold a series of events with residents across the City to see what they view as the challenges in their local area and how these can be tackled by social enterprises. This can also be used to garner people’s understanding of social enterprise and social value.

2.  Social Knowledge Exchange: Set-up an ideas bank; an online repository where people can add ideas for social enterprises or interventions and then these can be worked on/carried out by those with the resources to make an impact. Will also provide a way for SEs to share information on best practice.

3. Enterprise History Trail: Build an enterprise history trail looking at how historic businesses, people and events have shaped (and can shape) social impact throughout Salford.

Stakeholder Group

Alzheimer’s Society, Brain And Spinal Injury Centre (BASIC), The Broughton Trust, The Business Group, Cowherds, Helping Hands, Inspiring Communities Together, Langworthy Cornerstone, Positive Moves CIC, Salford City Council, Salford CVS, Seedley and Langworthy Trust (SALT), Six Degrees CiC, Social adVentures, St Sebastian’s Community Centre, Start Creative, Start in Salford, University of Salford, Unlimited Potential, Visible Outcomes, Visit from the Stork.

Contact Details

Email: Jon Monk