Northampton is an ancient market town with a population of approximately 221,645 (2015 data). The bulk of the population (~52%) is aged 25-64 years; whilst 25% of the population are non-white British. The town has deprivation-related issues (28th percentile of most deprived areas in the UK), with specific social issues related to education and skills training, housing and child poverty (top 20% for deprivation in these areas). Northampton is also significantly above the national average for alcohol-related hospitalisation (over 50% higher than the national average). It therefore offers high growth potential for social enterprises due to the social needs present.

The Good Loaf – a social enterprise bakery creating employment opportunities for vulnerable local women including ex-offenders

Research carried out for the town’s application identified 74 social enterprises operating as CICs in Northampton. It identified a further 179 charities who secure at least 50% of their income from trading. The most common sector of operation is in the offering of support services to disadvantaged groups. The second most common service offered is education, which ranges from coaching and wellbeing courses to pre-employment support. The town also has a transport social enterprise that delivers bus services and community transport. A range of other services are carried out by the towns’ SEs, including heritage protection, business support, youth work, media services and homeless shelters

Key objectives for Northampton Social Enterprise Town

1.Network building: To develop networks between local social enterprises and community and voluntary organisations to effectively achieve positive change.

2. Business Development: To create trading relationships between organisations from different sectors to assist with growth of Northampton enterprises and organisations.

3. Awareness Raising and Brand Development:  map Northampton SE’s and raise their profile via implementation of a digital marketing strategy

The Northampton Stakeholder Group

Hope CIC, ST United, Centre for Policy Promotion & Prevention C.I.C, Unity Trust Leisure, Societal Travel CIC, Goodwill Solutions CIC, The Good Loaf, Right Resolution CIC, Northants Wood Recycling CIC, Adventure Ways.

St United – a social enterprise educational consultancy

Buy Social in Northampton

The stakeholders’ websites are below for the buy social content, as they are the leading SEs in Northampton. We can provide other website details for the other CICs identified if required.


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