The best way to support social enterprises led by and supporting people from racialised communities is to buy from them. We have put together this database of Social Enterprise UK members, working across a range of areas, to make it easier for you to identify and support social enterprises set up to address racism. When you buy social you are using your spending power to build a better world. Through supporting businesses led by and supporting racialised communities you are helping them break down racial barriers, create opportunities and increase their market share.

We have broken this guide into five categories:

  • Creative industries
  • Procurement
  • Roles and recruitment
  • Volunteering, partnering and sharing
  • Workplace culture

Click here to download the guide

This document is very much a work in progress and we know that there are many more social enterprises working in these areas who are led by and supporting people from racialised communities. If you are a Social Enterprise UK member and want to be included in this guide email