On this page you'll find the research projects we are currently working on as we continue to build the evidence base for the social enterprise movement.

Social and Creative Cities

Social Enterprise UK have been commissioned by The British Council to conduct research into the Social and Creative City Economy of the Future.

Recent decades have seen an increase in the significance and influence of the city/the city region, economically and politically, as well as socially and culturally. Across the world city regions are engines of growth, trade, co-operation and exchange. They are increasingly powerful and influential on the global stage. Moreover, cities in many countries are taking over from national governments in terms of their leadership. While countries still negotiate high level agreements, a growing number of cities are developing their own international strategies and city-to-city relationships.

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The State of Social Value

There have been many positive steps since the introduction of the Social Value Act, but commissioners are still a long way from considering social value as an equal part of the commissioning process.

Building on previous research on and programmes supporting the delivery of social value in the public sector, this autumn SEUK will be carrying out a research project that will look at why the Social Value Act isn’t more widely used and how we can change that.

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