Coronavirus Blogs

This page will be a place to share blogs and opinion pieces related to the coronavirus pandemic. It will include articles looking at what the economy may look like post COVID-19, how we’re seeing this new economy emerging as communities respond to the crisis, business support pieces and reactions to the Government’s response. If you’re interested in contributing a blog please email

A year on the COVID frontline – Livewell Southwest

This blog looks at the work of Livewell Southwest, a social enterprise that's been on the frontline of the pandemic and which has been pioneering new ways of delivering health and care services for communities. From creating care hotels to rolling out the vaccine, hear directly from health workers as we look back at their operations over the last year.Read more

Coronavirus Policy Update: Where are we now?

Our Director of External Affairs runs through the last few months, the campaign wins you've helped achieve and what more needs to be done.Read more

COVID-19 and health inequalities

Nancy Towers writes about the links between those groups worst affected by COVID-19 and health inequalities, looking at the findings of the follow-up to the Marmot Review and making the case that social enterprises are vital to tackling the social determinants of health.Read more

COVID19 innovators – B2B social enterprises adapting business models in response to Coronavirus

SEUK's Head of Corporate Partnerships, Andy Daly, looks at some of the innovate ways many B2B social enterprises are adapting to the pandemic.Read more

Defying Conventional Wisdom

The Skill Mill is a social enterprise employing ex-young offenders which delivers environmental improvement services. In this blog Davie Parks from the Skill Mill talks about adapting to the pressures of Covid and just what it is that makes the Skill Mill special.Read more

Future Directions care workers continue creative activities in times of crisis

Future Directions CIC are an award winning social enterprise delivering social care services in the North of England. Here they run through some of the creative ways they are supporting vulnerable adults get through the crisis. Includes a prime ministerial egg...Read more

Helping refugees and migrants access food during lockdown

Faisal Ahmed, case worker on Renaisi's RISE project, describes how they had to quickly adapt to help asylum seekers and refugees access food through collaborating with other social enterprises and working with local communities to ensure some of the most vulnerable people are able to access food.Read more

How a social enterprise dentist is adapting to the crisis

Some of the ways social enterprise dentist CDS CIC is continuing its work providing dental services to some of the most vulnerable groups in society, adapting its practices to deal with the pandemic and providing tooth brushing packs to rough sleepers.Read more

What does the Chancellor’s announcement mean for social enterprises?

In this blog, our Director of External Affairs, Andrew O'Brien, goes through the key points in the announcement made by the Chancellor on support for civil society and explores what it all means for social enterprises.Read more

COVID-19 and the Climate Emergency: How can social enterprises show leadership following this crisis?

Whilst everyone is rightly focused right now on the impact of Covid-19 we cannot forget about the importance of dealing with the climate emergency. In this blog Andrew O'Brien argues that social enterprises must lead the way in addressing the challenges of the changing climate.Read more

Government must learn the lessons from the last recession to bounce back from COVID-19

Andrew O'Brien introduces our latest report 'Bounce Back Britain' which looks at government attempts to grow our economy after the financial crisis, particularly at the ten years of business tax cuts to stimulate the economy. It concludes that these tax cuts were expensive and lacked impact. We need to look at alternatives.Read more

Moving beyond COVID-19, a message from our Chief Executive

A message from our Chief Executive on what we can learn from this crisis and how when it's finally over we can take lessons from it to make good on our missions to create a fairer, more sustainable world free from poverty and inequalities of all kinds.Read more

If government money is in short supply, why has there been no prioritisation of government emergency funding?

In this blog, our External Affairs Director questions where Government emergency funding has been allocated, asking the question why your local takeaway may be eligible for business rates relief and a £25K cash grant whilst a local social enterprise may not be.Read more

What was the point of the social investment market, if social enterprises should just depend on commercial loans during this crisis?

Our Director of External Affairs, Andrew O'Brien, on the shortcomings of the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme and how we need urgent action to design a package of finance that works for social enterprise.Read more

Social enterprises are a critical part of the UK economy and must be supported through COVID-19

Our Director of External Affairs, Andrew O'Brien, on just why it's so important that social enterprises are supported through Covid-19 and some of the key things we want Government to do in order to support the social enterprise community.Read more

Business continuity planning through the crisis - Karen Lynch

Karen Lynch is the outgoing CEO of Belu Water, one of the best known public facing social enterprises. In this blog Karen candidly goes through the impact the coronavirus pandemic has impacted on sales, staff and Belu's supply chain focusing on the business contingency planning the organisation has undertaken.Read more

None of us can pretend we really know what’s going to happen - Dan Gregory

Need some inspiration for what's ahead? SEUK's Dan Gregory looks at how in the midst of a pandemic a new economic model is emerging, one based on co-operation, community and social enterprise.Read more