We need to ensure that Government acts to support social enterprises to get through the coming months. On 13 March we, alongside other representative bodies, met with the Minister for Civil Society to discuss how the Government can support social enterprise, charities and other voluntary organisations through this health emergency.


Please fill out this short survey to let us know the key issues you are facing and your concerns about what impact the pandemic will have on your business.

We are working with officials to design support measures to help the sector, but we need your help and we will be taking the key points raised in the survey to Government. We need to know how social enterprises may be impacted by COVID-19 to ensure that we give the government the right information to support our sector. Examples include:

  • Social enterprises suffering by a slowdown in trading conditions;
  • Social enterprises that work with vulnerable groups and may see increased demand for services;
  • Social enterprises that employ vulnerable or high risk groups and may be worse effected by the spread of the virus;
  • Social enterprises with low or no financial reserves due to the sector they trade within (e.g. public sector);
  • Social enterprises that are at risk of their trading being suspended should the pandemic worsen (nurseries, community centres etc.)

We would ask any members that are concerned about the financial impact of COVID-19 to their business, particularly those at risk of closure, to get in contact with SEUK as soon as possible, so that we can ensure that any package of measures developed by government support as many social enterprises as possible. Please email us your concerns to covid19@socialenterprise.org.uk.