Jan Tore Endresen Big Issue eBikes

By Jan Tore Endresen, Big Issue eBikes

We all know we need to exercise, eat well, and look after our bodies. And with the growing threat of global warming, many experts are now encouraging people to cycle more instead of driving. Beyond the immediate exercise benefits, taking cars off the road reduces harmful emissions and helps improve air quality. With so many commuters off the road during the early part of the pandemic, improved air quality was one positive benefit during what was a very difficult period. But with many people commuting again, furlough ending soon, and economic anxiety increasing for many people, there’s a growing need to create new jobs in a clean, green, growing sector. We want to extend economic opportunities to as many people as possible, so no one is left behind. And that’s why we launched Big Issue eBikes…

Later this year, we’ll start launching electric bicycle (eBike) fleets in towns and cities across the UK. We know for many people, buying an eBike can be a huge investment. And that’s before ongoing maintenance costs, finding storage space and the risk of having your precious eBike stolen. But by renting an eBike from Big Issue eBikes when you need to travel (just like renting a property from Airbnb), a clean, green form of transport becomes accessible to many more people. And there are a host of benefits for your local community too.

Every x500 eBikes will help us create approximately 10-12 brand new Living Wage jobs. By actively recruiting unemployed, or vulnerably employed people; we will help keep families in their homes by keeping people in work. What’s more, we’ll provide our staff with access to additional training and support, just as we do for our vendor community who sell The Big Issue magazine.

John-Bird-ShareBike-hero-Louise-Haywood-Schiefer social enterprise uk website
Big Issue Founder Lord John Bird on one of the new eBikes

You don’t need to be an avid cyclist to enjoy an eBike. With a little help from the motor, you can cycle further and faster, powering up hills without breaking a sweat. Ebikes are a real alternative to a car travel and can often be quicker on short journeys when congestion and parking are considered. What’s more, eBikes are great fun too!

By creating new jobs in a sector with a strong environmental impact, we can help the UK on its journey to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. So, we’re helping do our bit for the planet too. Very soon, we’ll be recruiting roles in operations, customer service, management and more. As you’d expect from The Big Issue, we want to make a difference in local communities like yours right across the country. We call this #BikingForGood and we’re on the lookout for local authorities and businesses to partner with us, helping bring eBike fleets to towns and cities. Whether you’re an individual, business, advertiser, or local authority; you could influence where we go next. To find our more or register for updates, visit www.bigissue.bike. And let’s work together to bring ‘Biking for good’ to your local community…

This article is part of the Big Issue eBikes micro-mobility series.