Plastic pollution is now big news with programmes like the BBC’s Blue Planet bringing to light the impacts of plastics on our oceans. A truck-load of plastic enters the ocean every minute and there may well be more plastic than fish in the oceans by 2050.[1] The consequences of plastic pollution are not just felt by wildlife, much of our plastic waste is dumped abroad causing serious health problems for local populations. Greenpeace estimate over half of the household plastic packaging we think is recycled is sent to other countries.[2]

Whilst business and consumer awareness around the issue is on the up, plastics are still everywhere and even if we do the right thing by recycling, there’s no guarantee that the plastics we put in the recycling bin will be re-used.

We can all play a part in moving away from plastics. One place where plastic waste is common is in the office.

Less Plastic CIC is a social enterprise set up to raise awareness of ocean plastic. Its mission is to provide practical ways for individuals and organisations to make a difference by using less plastic and taking actions that restore nature. One key area they focus on is the workplace and they’ve put together this useful infographic to show nine simple ways offices and workspaces can reduce their plastic use.

Less Plastic Ten Tips DEV

These may be simple steps but they’ll go a long way to improving your businesses’ environmental impact.

You can find out about these steps in more detail in this blog on Less Plastic’s website.

The social enterprise has also published a free e-book aimed specifically at helping businesses to reduce plastic waste which you can download here

Less Plastic CIC are on a mission to work with businesses and individuals to help us kick our plastic habits and reconnect with nature. To find out more about their work and the services they offer visit: