Since 2005, Elvis & Kresse have been rescuing raw materials from landfill and transforming them through world-class craftsmanship into ethically handcrafted sustainable luxury accessories, with 50% of all profits donated to the Fire Fighters Charity and Barefoot College.

Their signature material is decommissioned fire-hose and as of 2017 they have had an ongoing partnership with the Burberry Foundation to help rescue and transform at least 120 tonnes of Burberry leather off-cuts. In 2020 their iconic Weekend Bag became a part of the Victoria & Albert Museum’s (V&A) permanent collection and can be viewed in their most recent exhibition “”Bags: Inside Out”.

Find out more about how Elvis & Kresse are looking to create a circular economy in this short video:

The role of social enterprises in tackling the climate emergency will be a key focus of Social Enterprise Futures – a month long festival from 8 November to 8 December for those who believe that changing how we do business is vital to building a fairer, more sustainable world. We’ll be exploring the links between social and environmental justice and also responding to the fallout from COP26 itself. Find out more and get your tickets here >>