Each year the destruction and devastation caused by ‘natural’ disasters grows more obvious and the reality of the climate emergency gets harder to ignore.

But with the majority of global warming impacting those in the global south, can we really separate the ‘social’ from the ‘environmental’ and truly be a social enterprise if we don’t consider the link between the two and act accordingly?

Environmental impact IS social impact, climate justice IS racial justice.

At Social Enterprise Futures we will be joined by Labour Party MP David Lammy who will lead a discussion on these connections and why it is important that we keep making these links. David touched on these themes in a TED Talk he delivered at the end of last year which you can listen to below.

“I’ve got to start by admitting that in many ways me giving a talk about how climate action can help Black communities is surprising…

In the past, the climate crisis never featured at the forefront of my politics because it was never one of the most immediate challenges my constituents were facing, or at least it didn’t feel like it. Rising sea levels feel unimportant when your bank balance is falling. Global warming is not your concern when you can’t pay the heating bills. And you’re not thinking about pollution when you’re being stopped by the police. And so perhaps this is why as the Black Lives Matter movement roared across the world, there’s been so little mention of saving Black lives from the climate emergency. 

For too long, those of us who cared about racial justice treated environmental justice as though it was elitist. And at the same time, the leaders who did focus on climate change were usually white and rarely bothered to enlist the support of Black voices in their work. Even progressive allies sometimes took our votes for granted and assumed that our community didn’t care or wouldn’t understand. 

The truth is the opposite is true…”

Join us at Social Enterprise Futures to hear more from David and explore the links between racial and climate justice here.