Each month at SEUK we welcome new members, many of whom are young social enterprises just getting going with exciting ideas for delivering positive social and environmental change.

We’d like to introduce you to six of our new members who are addressing environmental issues as part of their core mission:

1. Sustainable Genius

Want to join the re-use revolution? According to the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (2020), the UK statistics on waste in 2018 showed that the UK had a total waste from household generation at 26.4 million tonnes – and Sustainable Genius CIC has created an online marketplace called SGMart to do something about this. Sustainable Genius CIC mission is to engage members of the public to buy, sell and support local charities and merchants in the community. Furthermore, This mission is centred on promoting sustainability in their local communities, as it is believed that our care and concerns for our environment should begin from our very own homes. To buy products and be part of the sustainability movement please check out SGMart Marketplace.

“Our care and concerns for our environment should begin from our very own homes, the more we reuse, the more positive impacts we make on our environment.” Yetunde Ogedengbe, Co-Founder of Sustainable Genius CIC

2. GreenZone Cleaning & Support Services

New to us… GreenZone Cleaning & Support Services is a commercial cleaning company like no other – this London-based social enterprise seeks to challenge all industry preconceptions and deliver the cleanest, most services focused customer experience, whilst achieving new benchmarks in sustainability. Since its inception over a decade ago, GreenZone’s mission was to provide bespoke socially and economically sustainable commercial cleaning solutions to a marketplace traditionally reliant on harsh chemicals.  Their innovative cleaning solutions leave your business safe and sanitised, without using nasty chemicals that harm the planet or our people. They offer a range of services including commercial, specialist, pre/post tenancy and window cleaning, along with zero to landfill waste and recycling, and specialised support services.

“The ethos and philosophy of GreenZone give us a vehicle to facilitate changing people’s lives for the better. We have, and always will be, extremely passionate about this ability to support and offer people better opportunities. Working closely with SEUK enhances this work and allows greater opportunities and exposure. We are delighted to be an active and passionate member of SEUK. “ Karly Sadler, Head of Marketing at GreenZone Cleaning & Support Services

3. For Purpose Jobs

Green jobs are the future and social enterprises know this! For Purpose Jobs is the social enterprise jobs platform for companies that solve climate change and social injustice. Set up in 2020, they make it easy for people who want purpose from their work to find good jobs in social impact and sustainability, and purposeful employers to find good people.

“I started For Purpose Jobs because I was fed up with endlessly searching for a job where I could use my existing skills and education but also feel like I was doing some good. I spent hour after hour searching job boards, whose ‘sustainability’ filters returned endless lists of CSR manager positions – nothing where I could use my skills because I am not a sustainability specialist. Our goal is to make it easy for people who want purpose from their work to find good jobs in social impact and sustainability, and for purposeful employers to find good people.“ Olivia Spaethe, Founder of For Purpose Jobs

4. Bike Drop CIC

On ya bike! Bike Drop CIC was set up during the pandemic as a community response to meet household delivery needs. It is developing into a B2B and B2C business that uses e-bikes to make deliveries, simultaneously creating employment opportunities and training at bike repair workshops. The aim of Bike Drop CIC is to get bikes to be the main mode of transport in Stroud, where they operate, changing the attitudes and cultural norms within society and addressing infrastructure issues that put people off cycling. They also run cycling schemes for both schools and adults.

5. The Centre for Energy Equality

The Centre for Energy Equality is a Community Interest Company (CIC) with a mission to ensure equal access to safe, affordable and sustainable energy across all communities. Bringing together a unique blend of expertise, practical solutions and access to networks, the Centre of Energy Equality promotes and supports initiatives that help people access affordable and sustainable energy. They work with organisations across all sectors in pursuit of their vision of a low-carbon energy transition that leaves no one behind and brings new opportunities for individuals and communities to fulfil their potential.

“Decarbonisation cannot be achieved without engagement from all sections of society. There is no quick fix or single technology that will work for everyone, so it is essential that all communities and households have the knowledge, resources and support in order to participate in the Net Zero transition”. Andy Ross, Founder for The Centre for Energy Equality

6. The Seaweed Surf Shack

The Seaweed Surf Shack is a community interest company in Wales born from a love of surfing and the ocean. Flo and Beth set the social enterprise up to run workshops, create seaweed products and support seaweed farms. Seaweed Surf Shack supports projects that inspire a love of the ocean and create sustainable ocean opportunities. Also, they are educating about sea issues and exploring sustainable sea through community engagement.