Thursday 15th – Saturday 17th October 2020

2020 leaves a devastating legacy, but the global pandemic has also led to a surge in mutual aid with communities coming together, connecting with each other and helping the most vulnerable.

Social enterprises are set up to with the sole intention to support communities, both in geographic terms as well as groups of individuals with a shared identity or challenge.

Many of them responded to the crisis by adapting to the new needs of their communities, by providing food, care, advice and support, or by pivoting their business entirely whilst still continuing to support the people they were set up to help.

Social enterprises always put the communities they support first, living their values day in and day out, and they will continue to do so long after the pandemic is over.  

This October we are asking consumers, businesses and the public sector to show how they Choose Communities and #BuySocial

Here are some of our members alongside some familiar voices to tell you more…

Campaign details

The campaign runs over 3 days with each day having its own specific focus – set up so that whatever your social enterprise does, you can take part in the campaign.

How to get involved?

More details on how to get involved can be found in the tailored campaign packs but here are some easy ways to make sure your social enterprise is making the most of the campaign.

Campaign Packs

Wherever you’re based and whatever sector you are working in, this campaign is a chance to shine a spotlight on the amazing work you are doing in supporting communities be it in the UK or around the world.

We’ve created tailored campaign packs for social enterprises which are consumer-facing, who trade primarily with other businesses and for those working in the public sector.

We’ve also created packs for universities and local authorities so they can showcase how they are working with social enterprises and bringing them into their supply chains.

Retail Social Enterprises

B2B Social Enterprises

Social Enterprises delivering Public Services


Local Councils

Students, Consumers, Influencers

How to download your campaign documents

The editable campaign documents are uploaded as google documents. They are in a standardised version that you can download to word, to edit. To edit on google docs the X it’s a 3 step process. Click “open with google docs” then click “file” on the top left-hand side. Lastly, click “copy”.

Don’t forget to:

Share on Social Media

  • Be sure to schedule a social media post at 10 am on Saturday 17th October. Why? Because if we mobilise the social enterprise community to share the campaign message at this time we can create a thunderclap moment to get the campaign trending. You can download sample social media content here.
  • Tell the public about the impact they create when they buy from you. Share images which show your impact on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram from Friday 15th – Saturday 17th October.
  • Tag your local MP on Twitter to make sure they know about the impact you’re having in their constituency! Find who they are here.
  • Follow Social Enterprise UK on TwitterFacebook and Instagram and share our posts throughout the week – we’ll share yours too!
  • P.S. Don’t forget to hashtag #BuySocial

Contact your Local Media

Use the campaign to tell your story!

The campaign is a great media hook to help raise the profile of the work you’re doing as a social enterprise and also connect this to the wider impact of our 100,000 strong social enterprise community.

You can download a template press release here.

Invite you MP

Last year’s General Election feels like it happened a lifetime ago but the 2019 election saw 140 new MPs enter the Houses of Parliament.

This campaign is a great chance to raise the profile of the social enterprise movement amongst political decision-makers.

Download this template letter inviting your MP to visit your social enterprise and find out more about how you are supporting your community.

You can find out who your MP is and how to contact them here.

Choose Communities: #BuySocial is supported by the Co-op