Beneficiaries: Provides social care services

Managing Director: Dr Guy Turnbull

Location: Across the North of England 

About CASA

The CASA family was established in 2004 with a vision of becoming the UK’s leading employee-owned provider of quality domiciliary health and social care support services to older and disabled people.  It was created to replicate the success of the award winning social enterprise, Sunderland Home Care Associates Limited (SHCA). 

CASA was established to address a specific challenge, namely that although immense fiscal and demographic pressures were demanding an entirely fresh and innovative approach to the delivery of health and social care in the UK, the mutual sector had not stepped up to the challenge.  Although there were individual examples of good practice in the social enterprise sector (including SHCA), there was no strategic push to offer a ‘scaled’ mutual alternative to the private sector. 

CASA is therefore designed to be pioneering, to be a positive, ethical force that contributes to the transformation of health and social care services in the UK.  CASA’s social and ethical business model and investment in staff does not weaken its proposition but in fact enhances it by leading to high-quality care, staff engagement and motivation, strong commissioner relationships, plus no leakage of profit to external shareholders.

Mission and Impact

CASA is designed with the specific intention of bringing social enterprise scalability to the health and social care sector – this it has achieved - CASA has reached over £17m pa turnover, providing circa 23,000 hours of care a week across eight territories across the North of England.

Its primary products are the delivery of home based complex and personal care of older people commissioned by both Local Authorities and Clinical Commissioning Groups.  CASA products also include palliative/end of Life services, complex care for children; and support for adults with a learning disability and/or challenging behaviour