#WhoKnew is a digital campaign which takes place on Social Enterprise Day, the Thursday of Global Entrepreneurship Week. It is a digital campaign designed to give social enterprises the chance to tell their stories, to show what makes them different from traditional businesses and to shout about the impact of their work. Using a downloadable poster social enterprises and their supporters share pictures across social media using the images to highlight the difference they are making. 

The campaign is all about highlighting the diversity in the sector and is an opportunity for all social enterprises to take part in a public facing campaign, as well as directly engaging your staff with your social enterprise mission.

It is also a chance for organisations supporting the social enterprise movement to raise the profile of their own work, whether as market-builders, investors or champions of the sector.

Social Enterprise Day 2021

Social Enterprise Day 2021 is on Thursday 11th November find out more and download your campaign content on the Social Enterprise Day website

Social Enterprise Day 2020

In spite of COVID-19 Social Enterprise Day 2020 still achieved an incredible social media read of 5.9 million, helping showcase the impact of the social enterprise sector as it supported communities through the pandemic.

Social Enterprise Day 2019

Social Enterprise Day 2019 took place on 21 November and this year saw the #WhoKnew campaign hit new heights with social enterprises taking part from a record-breaking 35 countries, reaching 7 million people on Twitter alone! Here are just a few of the countries that took part:

Social Enterprise Day 2018

Social Enterprise Day fell on 15 November. Working with organisations across the world, primarily the British Council and Sociale Entreprenører Danmark we wanted 2018 to showcase that social enterprises are part of a global movement – one showing that another way of doing business is possible. Over 400 organisations took part in the #WhoKnew campaign with many more putting on events to mark Socia Enterprise Day. The campaign had a Twitter reach of 5.9 million and was trending in the UK. 

In total social enterprisess and their supporters in 27 countries took part in the 2018 campaign – The UK, Denmark, The Netherlands, New Zealand, The Philippines, Switzerland, Ethiopia, Kenya, Poland, Greece, Malaysia, Israel, the USA, Canada, Vietnam, Georgia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Australia, India, Sudan, Romania, Myanmar, Madagascar, France, Ireland and Nigeria. 

View pictures from Social Enterprise Day 2018 here

Social Enterprise Day 2017

16 November 2017 was Social Enterprise Day, a global day to raise awareness about the impact social enterprises are having around the world. In total over 450 social enterprises took part in the campaign, nearly double the number that took part in 2016. The campaign had an approximate Twitter reach of 4.3 million on Social Enterprise Day. 

Going Global

For the 2017 campaign we worked in partnership with Sociale Entreprenorer Danmark and the British Council who promoted the campaign to a global audience. Social enterprises took part from Australia, Canada, Denmark, Ethiopia, Ghana, Greece, Iceland, Israel, Kenya, Latvia, Malaysia, Nepal, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Poland, Russia, Senegal, Sudan and Vietnam.

You can see some of the pictures from the day here.

Social Enterprise Day 2016

2016 was the first year we ran the #WhoKnew campaign and in total 270 organisations shared their pictures and stories online with photos coming in from leisure centres, bakeries, ethical lenders, bike shops, health and social care organisations, restaurants and much more. 

Pictured: Comedian and Actor Chris Addison supporting Old Spike Roastery as part of the #WhoKnew campaign