In the run-up to our latest campaign – Buy Social for a Better World – in October, we’re profiling some of our fantastic members and the amazing impact they make. Today we’re looking at Brewgooder, who sell delicious craft beer and donate 100% of their profits to charities providing clean water to those who need it. Keep an eye out for more profiles throughout the summer.

Brewgooder are on a mission to bring clean water to 1,000,000 people. They partner with organisations like The One Foundation to help communities access clean water by digging boreholes and building solar powered water tanks. They’re a young social enterprise but their business and impact is growing and so far they’ve helped tens of thousands of people across Malawi.

“People here (in Malawi) are used to fighting. In this village there are people that should be doctors, teachers and lawyers. This can only happen when their bodies are healthy. When we are drinking safe water we will have less risk of disease. So because water is life, the health of the individual is also the health of the nation.”  

Alick, Project Manager – Chiluzi, Malawi

Brewgooder display the “Buy Social” badge on all their products. This proves they’re a certified social enterprise and gives consumers the confidence that their purchase goes towards bringing about a better world through genuine social or environmental impact.

“We adopted the Buy Social logo on our packaging to proudly display our alliance with the growing collective of purpose-led brands attempting to make the world a better place via their respective products. 

We’d encourage all brands in the sector to adopt this mark and help grow awareness of how consumers can make such significant positive social change via the everyday purchasing decisions they take.” 

Alan Mahon, Co-Founder, Brewgooder

In October we’re running an exciting campaign to encourage consumers to buy from social enterprises, by celebrating what they do and the positive difference they make: Buy Social for a Better World. A central part of this is making sure the “Buy Social” badge is both widely recognised and used by as many social enterprises as possible.

Are you a social enterprise? Stand out, help grow the sector and attract more business with the Buy Social logo, available to all social enterprises that are certified SEUK members.

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