Harry Specters is an award-winning chocolate company, based in Ely, Cambridgeshire. The company has strong presence in the corporate sector due to its unique business proposition. The company has been growing steadily for the last five years and as a result, need to expand its management team. As part of this expansion, the company is looking to fill a permanent role for a Business Development Executive who will be heavily involved in Lead Creation and Sales Progression. There is an excellent chance for someone, who wants to see their careers grow with the company. The position is based in Ely, with occasional commute to London for client meetings. Due to the nature of the position, the company does not require the individual to be present at the office during working hours.

What does a Business Development Executive do?

As part of the Sales funnel, the Business Development Executive will be involved in lead creation and sales creation. Specifically, the individual will research the corporate market to identify organisations which meet HS’s qualification criteria. Additionally, the individual will be involved in the sales process from having secured executive commitment, through the buying process, to result in a firm Purchase Order.  


Qualification – the role will be required to produce a number of qualified leads each month. The role will need to:

  • Identify possible qualifying organisations. The role must be able to use a variety of sources; to find corporates which could qualify as potential HS customers. Imagination, creativity and tenacity are expected in this aspect of the role
  • Prepare papers on all investigated corporates, both qualifying and non-qualifying such that a database of information is created as a company asset.
  • Continuously improve and develop the qualifying criteria and update the qualifying criteria records. The role will act as owner of the qualifying criteria and will work with all involved in and across the sales process to ensure learning through experience is incorporated in the sales process.

Sales Progression – acting as part of the sales team led by the Managing Director, the role will be the primary interface with the prospect’s buying process. The role will be expected to:

  • To identify, understand and document the prospect’s buying process. The buying organisation may or may not be part of the prospect organisation and the role must be prepared to deal with either.
  • To facilitate and drive the order through the buying process. This is likely to involve activities including maintaining proper tracking records, making follow up and chase calls, arranging and attending meetings and raising, completing required documentation and securing appropriate sign offs. This will include:
    • Product sign off – the work required to agree the product specification (including product types, quantities, packaging and any special or bespoke requirements) with the prospect and with HS manufacturing.
    • Quotation sign off – the work required to create and gain prospect and HS management agreement to the quotation.
    • PO Acceptance sign off – the work required to secure the PO from the prospect and to have this agreed as booked business by HS management.
  • To build and constantly maintain positive relationships with prospect and HS staff.
  • At all times operate and be presented to the professional standards set by HS.
  • To be alert to opportunities for additional sales, link selling and the development of additional contacts either within or outside of the prospect organisation. All these to be reported to the MD.


  • A personable individual, able to build rapport and relationships, to be seen as capable and trustworthy.
  • Willing to make the call and having the skill and tenacity to get the meeting. To influence and make things happen while retaining positive relationships.
  • Having a keen attention to detail to ensure customer requirements are accurately recorded and internal processes adhered to.
  • Having an understanding of the business aspects; gross margins, operating margins, etc. Having an entrepreneurial outlook.
  • Ability to be creative to get results and to create attractive options for clients.
  • To be curious and be constantly open to learning.

Previous Experience

Experience in a sales environment, particularly against sales targets, would be welcome however not essential. Being able to demonstrate a willingness to work hard and to be focused on achieving results is important.