North Central London (NCL) STP intend to use the support from Building Health Partnerships: Self-care programme to: 

  • Develop the emerging Care and Health Integrated Networks (CHINs) based in GP practices to better engage VCSE support (particularly through social prescribing) to deliver on local self-care priorities. Initially this will focus on Islington and then explore scaling up across the NCL STP footprint.

First Partnership Session

This work is evolving with the focus of the first full partnership session being – What helps us care for ourselves? This covered topics such as social prescribing, sharing of what’s working already and co-design actions for Care and Health Integration Networks (CHINs) to champion. There was also a discussion of what a common theme could be at an STP level to embed sense.  The first partnership session’s slide deck is available to offer more details. The summary of notes and actions are also available here.

Second Partnership Session

The second partnership session took place on the 7th December. The slides are available for download here and the summary of the sessions keynotes and action can be found here.

Third Partnership Session

On the 1st February 2018 the North Central London Building Health Partnership (BHP) group held its third partnership workshop to design tangible projects to develop the Care Closer to Home Integration Network (CHIN) model in a way that will:

  • Support people to self-care
  • Connect social prescribing and community initiatives across North London
  • Re-imagine how the system could work best for patients and residents
  • Establish the roles local voluntary sector organisations, commissioners and others can play

The meeting was designed to build on progress made at the first and second partnership workshop and core group meetings to date.

The meeting was attended by representatives from voluntary and community organisations, local authorities, GP’s, CCGs and the NHS from across the Sustainability and Transformation Partnership area.

A summary of the session is available here and the session presentation can be found here.

Fourth Partnership Sessions

On the 22nd March 2018, the North Central London Building Health Partnership (BHP) group held its fourth partnership workshop. Updates and notes from each participating area can be found here.

For more information on upcoming partnership meetings please contact: