“What Makes Us Feel Good – Our Health in Our Hands”

This partnership is exploring local efforts to improve health and wellbeing. Working with three volunteer and community-led groups from across the STP, they are looking at: demonstrating benefit, measuring impact, communicating value, sharing learning and scaling up.

First Partnership Session

The first full partnership session for the Humber, Coast and Vale STP took place in September 2017. It explored what would make local citizens feel happy, healthy and at their best. It provided an opportunity for local communities to work with local health leaders to see what can be done collectively for individuals in local communities to feel good and stay well.

The learning from this session, including notes and actions, can be found here. The slide deck from the session can be made available on request. Contact nancy.towers@socialenterprise.org.uk

Second Partnership Session

The second partnership session took place on 4 December and allowed participants to build on the learning from the first session and decide on action plans going forward. Slides from the session are available to download here with the summary actions from the session available here.

Third and Fourth Partnership Session

The joint 3rd and 4th partnership session took place on the 14th March at the Rope Walk Centre in Barton-on-Humber to hear back from research with community organisations, hear inspiring stories, carry out group work on communicating impact and benefit, hear about the Social Value Engine and plan the next steps for the area. 

The session was attended by representatives from voluntary and community organisations, local authorities and NHS from across the Sustainability and Transformation Partnership area.

You can see the notes from the session here. Slides from the presentations can also be downloaded


“What was refreshing about the event as well was the involvement of people who wouldn’t have been there normally”

SEUK’s Deputy Chief Executive, Nick Temple has written this blog looking back on the first session in the area.