Contact the Prime Minister and let him know that social enterprises belong in the Department for Business. Copy the below text and then use it to fill out the simple form on the Number 10 Downing St website –

Message to the Prime Minister

There are over 100,000 social enterprises contributing £60bn to our economy and employing 2m people.

Yet these businesses are not being given a seat at the table with other businesses and are currently lumped together with voluntary organisations. This is not making make the most of the huge potential social enterprises have to transform our economy. 

Social enterprises are combating the climate emergency and paying decent wages. They are more innovative than traditional private businesses and are growing faster. One in five social enterprises work in our most deprived areas.

These are businesses which are good for all parts of the United Kingdom and our planet. You can help them by doing one simple thing that will cost your new government nothing. Move social enterprises from DCMS to BEIS so that they are treated fairly. This will ensure that we unleash the potential of this better form of business.

Sample Tweets

As well as sending on the above message you can also tweet Boris Johnson directly using these sample tweets:

100k social enterprises working for a better 🌍 Contributing £60bn to UK GDP 💷 and employing 2m people 👔 Social enterprises are the future of business. It’s time we had our own dedicated Minister in BEIS. Come on @BorisJohnson it’s #TimeToMove us. #socent

.@BorisJohnson in your cabinet reshuffle don’t ignore the 100,000 social enterprises building a better economy across the whole Britain. It’s #TimeToMove #socent to BEIS and unleash their potential

.@BorisJohnson you cannot unleash Britain’s potential without changing how we do business. It’s #TimeToMove social enterprise to the Department for Business. #socent

.@BorisJohnson you say you’re leading the People’s Government. It’s time to support the People’s Business and move social enterprise to BEIS #TimeToMove #socent