Jane Thompson heads up Thompson Marketing, a Social Enterprise UK Supporting Member and business set up to support organisations on all things marketing from content creation and strategy to social media planning and event marketing. In this blog, Jane run’s through her top ten tips for marketing your social enterprise.

ONE: Marketing is more than just selling a product or service, people want more and expect more. Successful businesses see their position as one where they can make a difference and never has that been more relevant to the social enterprise sector

TWO: Focus on Stories and Connections that add to your business and help people be part of something bigger than themselves

THREE: Can you offer your customers/clients experiences that helps to build their story and their connections? (This, in turn, will help communicate your business)

FOUR: Look at all marketing channels to work out where best to influence your stakeholders. Where are your customers located? E.g. you may love Instagram but what if your sector is busy chatting on Facebook?

FIVE: Identify your pain points – do you struggle to know where to start with your marketing? Not enough time? Or do you have too little or too much content to share? Answering these will give you a clear answer on what to focus on

SIX: Feeling overwhelmed? Get back to basics and work out your answers to the marketing mix: PRODUCT/SERVICE, PRICE, PLACE, PROMOTION, PEOPLE, PHYSICAL EVIDENCE, PROCESSES, PHILOSOPHY

SEVEN: Plan your content based on your year, once you start planning out the important dates you will naturally spot the potential ‘stories’ that punctuate your weeks and months. Then build into this some content you can write/use anytime e.g. about your ethos, case studies, awards etc.

EIGHT: What online tools can help you get organized and save time? To-do list type software like Asana or Trello, content management systems like ContentCal or social media scheduling software like Hootsuite

NINE: Are there ways to buddy up with someone in your sector to share ideas and resources for marketing? More power if several organisations are spreading news!

TEN: Finally, be confident in your own stories and social impact and focus on them rather than what competitors are doing.


Twitter: @thompsonmktg

Jane will be hosting an exclusive webinar for Social Enterprise UK members on 27 May at 12pm where she’ll go into more depth on marketing strategies for social enterprises. If you’re not yet an SEUK member, find out more about membership here.