Zoe Nicholson, Chief Executive of Here writes about their investment in fellow SEUK member, HiSBe.

Investing in HiSBe through our start-up fund

When I heard that the local social enterprise HiSBe were seeking investment for a second supermarket premises in Brighton early in 2017 I was excited because their purpose – ‘the HiSBe way’ – chimes so closely with our own.  A long-term loan from our start-up fund was a tangible way to support an organisation with whom we have so much in common.

As I began to understand their approach –  thinking about how a food shop could have a huge influence on the health and wellbeing of the community it serves, and taking a blank piece of paper to the supermarket model – I became even more excited.

Our start-up fund is a social investment fund offering loans of up to £50,000, interest free, repayable on a long term basis. We’re supporting fellow social enterprises and not-for-profits who share a commitment to our purpose: care unbound.

We are delighted to be supporting HiSBe with a loan which is part of their funding of their second shop in Brighton. It’s the next step in HiSBe’s supermarket revolution.

To celebrate we’ve just published a podcast interview with Ruth Anslow, one of the founders of HiSBE. The story that Ruth shares in this podcast conversation describes a similar road of learning that we’re travelling on together with our partners at Here – moving from a place of scarcity and fear to one of possibility.

I hope you enjoy listening to Ruth’s story, and if it inspires you to want to have a conversation with us about the possibilities that you are seeing for growing care in the world, please get in touch.

You can contact us at info@hereweare.org.uk.