As many countries begin to recover from the global pandemic, thoughts are now turning to what the future might look like.

Through the horror of Covid-19 we have seen a glimpse of how our world could look with improved air quality, environmental recovery and our rediscovered value for social care and wellbeing. But only if we make the right choices.

The announcement of so many job losses has been truly heart breaking, and with income being one of the three main contributors to fuel poverty, this is extremely concerning.

To stimulate a new economy that provides work opportunities to fill this void will be a serious challenge. For many, the obvious choice would be to deliver a recovery plan that addresses the current climate emergency by prioritising the environment. But how can we make this happen?

Thankfully, we are not alone in our desire to “build back better”. More than 200 top UK firms (including Lloyds Bank, Asda, Siemens, Sky, Mitsubishi), appear to agree, and have called on the government to deliver an environmentally focused Covid-19 recovery plan to boost a greener economy.

Detailed on BBC news ( the letter to the prime minister included:

  • Driving investment in low carbon innovation, infrastructure and industries.
  • Focusing support on sectors that can best support the environment, increase job creation and foster the recovery – whilst also decarbonising the economy.
  • Adding conditions to financial support to ensure firms getting bailout cash are well managed, and in step with climate goals.

What impact will this have on job creation?

The letter to the PM states: “Investments in projects such as building renovation, offshore wind, electric vehicles, environmental improvements and low carbon industries have the potential to bring investment and job creation across multiple regions of the UK.”

Now we have a real opportunity to make a difference by rebuilding a greener economy, with greener jobs that support the UK’s economic and social survival and revival. By prioritising companies with social and green objectives – or even by just not putting them at a competitive disadvantage – some good can come out of this terrible situation.

Planet First Energy, Putting communities and the Planet First

We developed Planet First Energy to help businesses meet their environmental targets, and support their communities, whilst saving money on energy.

Based on our simple mantra of Avoid, Mitigate and Offset we help our clients focus on achieving or exceeding their environmental objectives.

Avoid – Reduce waste through targeted programs of electric, gas and water reduction, switch to 100% renewable supplies.

Mitigate – Define operational efficiencies and compliment with alternative technologies

Offsetting – Naturally removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere by investing in UK based tree planting projects in urban areas

As a Social Enterprise we recognise we are most effective as the conduit between commercial organisations and the charities who deliver the practical benefit. Our success will allow our charity partners to meet more people, visit more homes, initiate more projects and effect more families in need than ever before.

Our abilities to deliver financial support is complimented by actions. Our team work a volunteer rota schedule in support to drop in centres and home visits using our industry knowledge and connections to increase our target of making a positive contribution. We also provide administrative and systems support so the charities can concentrate their valuable resource where it matters most.

Through our 2019 pilot program of support for the South Yorkshire Energy Centre we helped assist an additional 452 households, saving over £25,000 off energy bills and creating 2 new jobs. Now through our new business supporter relationship with NEA we can begin to influence fuel poverty at a national level.

Click on this link to see some of our social value case studies >>

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