Beneficiaries:  BAME groups, women, people with mild to moderate mental ill health, the long term unemployed, self-employed and NEETS.

CEO: Claire Dove OBE DL

About Blackburne House

Blackburne House Group began nearly 35 years ago to support women in non-traditional sector areas. We offer ‘Outstanding’ educational opportunities for predominately women to either gain entry level positions or career enhancing opportunities.

We have a robust portfolio of environmental and well-being projects alongside a range of award winning social enterprises that support our educational mission, namely; a Nursery, a Bistro, a Health Spa, a Conferencing & Events facility as well as the School for Social Enterprise North West.

Mission and Impact 

Blackburne House educates and enhances the skills and opportunities of women so they can pursue professions that are non-traditional or where women are underrepresented. In a safe environment we aspire to provide the skills to live financially independent lives, which have a positive generational effect on their families and communities.

We provide services that remove barriers to education and interventions that supports achievement and attainment. We have supported tens of thousands of women over our history to achieve great things within their chosen professions and who have made a positive impact on the economy of the City of Liverpool and beyond.