Beneficiaries: Adults on the autism spectrum

CEO: Ray Coyle (UK CEO)

Location: UK office in London 

About Auticon

In the UK, only 15% of autistic adults are in full time employment, despite 79% of people with autism on out of work benefits wanting to work. 43% of those who have worked have left or lost a job because of their autism. Despite being highly intelligent and qualified, many find it difficult to access or maintain mainstream careers.

Auticon is a B2B social enterprise that operates based on the model of classic IT consultancies – with the unique feature that all Auticon’s tech experts are on the autism spectrum. 90% of autistic Auticon employees were unemployed before joining Auticon; half of those were unemployed for more than 5 years.  Auticon predominantly works with international blue-chip corporations, such as GSK or Allianz, but also with SMEs and charities. Any business with an IT department or a complex IT problem or project is a potential client.

Highly talented IT experts are employed at Auticon on a permanent basis. Each person’s skill set is then matched to a specific client project and corporate clients are charged a day rate that matches industry standards. The extraordinary talents of our autistic Consultants create significant added value for our clients.

The company was founded by Dirk Müller-Remus in 2011 with investment from the London- and Munich-based Ananda Social Venture Fund. Inspiration for the company came when Mr Müller-Remus’ son was diagnosed with Asperger’s. Mr Müller-Remus was dismayed by the employment prospects on offer to autistic people, and decided to build a company which created long term sustainable jobs for adults on the autism spectrum. Following significant growth and success in the German market, Auticon expanded into the UK in early 2016, with offices in London. Auticon appointed Ray Coyle as UK CEO in August 2016 to lead the company’s expansion in the UK.

Auticon’s mission is to create rewarding careers for autistic adults. Many autistic persons excel in individual areas of expertise, but struggle with typical recruitment procedures and work environments. By taking the time to get to know each autistic colleague’s skills, interests and challenges and carefully matching those with the right tasks and support mechanisms, Auticon creates careers that allow autistic people to work to their full potential. The significance of employment towards mental health, confidence and quality of life is widely acknowledged.

Auticon’s vision is to change the world of work for the better. By successfully integrating autistic Consultants into their teams, clients not only gain outstanding business value, but also help change perceptions and understanding of cognitive diversity. Having neurodiverse teams opens up new perspectives and significantly improves work output. Auticon supports its autistic employees and its clients with dedicated, specially trained in-house career coaches and project managers. Those support mechanisms are long-term and highly individualistic.