Job Title: Administrator & Analyst
Location: Bristol/Wiltshire
Close Date: 31/07/2018
Salary: £25,000

Job description

Undertaking a variety of roles to help in the running of a small energy saving and intelligent controls consultancy.

Part of the work will be dealing with the running of a small business specifically quoting for work, ensuring work is invoiced for and credit control and organising some of the work around our office. Also, ensuring that our website blog is kept up-to date to ensure that we are communicating our story to the wider world and responding to any initial enquiries with appropriate information.

As well as this, you will assist our engineers with organising and carrying out survey work on a variety of sites, recording observations and ensuring that this information is correctly retained and chasing up follow on information from our clients.

You will also be analysing energy and environmental data in order to best direct our efforts. Allied to this will be literature searches around products and regulatory issues and how these will affect our work. You will also learn our engineering suite so that you can assist our engineers with the production of graphical interfaces for the many energy using systems that we work with to give users an effective view of their systems. You will provide some basic product support on which full training will be given and if desired, there are other programming and drawing skills that you can learn.

Point of contact for applicants: [email protected]