Trading for Good

Trading for Good was commissioned by Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales to provide greater depth of understanding into the work of social enterprises, particularly small and medium-sized social enterprises.Read more

Our Money, Our Future

The author of the Social Value Act, Chris White has written this review of the Act's effect on public sector spending.Read more

The Future of Business - State of Social Enterprise Survey 2017

The 2017 State of Social Enterprise Report, supported by Santander, is the largest, most representative survey of social enterprises in the UK.Read more

Healthy Commissioning: How the Social Value Act is being used by Clinical Commissioning Groups

This report puts a lens to Clinical Commissioning Groups to see whether, and how, they are applying the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012.Read more

Buy Social Corporate Challenge - Year One Impact Report

This report looks into the impact of the first year of the Buy Social Corporate Challenge - a ground-breaking initiative seeing some of the UK’s largest businesses use their spending power to collectively spend £1 billion with social enterprises by 2020.Read more

The Social Value Difference in Health and Care Commissioning

This short report details the difference social value can make in health and care commissioning, and shares learning for other commissioning authorities to make the most of social value.Read more

Procuring for Good

Procuring for Good, published by Social Enterprise UK, paints the most comprehensive picture yet about how councils in England are using the Public Services (Social Value) Act.Read more

Building inclusive and resilient social economies

Three years after launching the Social Enterprise Places programme, there are now 19 of these hotspots of social enterprise activity throughout the UK. This report looks at what's been achieved so far.Read more

Leading the World in Social Enterprise 2015

The State of Social Enterprise Report 2015, supported by Santander, is the most comprehensive research undertaken into the state of the sector.Read more

Prospecting the Future: Social Enterprise and Finance Data from 2011-2015

‘Prospecting the future’ provides a snapshot of social enterprises operating in the UK and their finances. The research draws on findings gathered between 2011 and 2015.Read more

Communities Count: the Four Steps to Unlocking Social Value 2014

Communities Count: the Four Steps to Unlocking Social Value is the most comprehensive research report to date on social value. With practical recommendations for organisations in all sectors.Read more

Exporting Social Enterprise 2014

Co-written with the British Council this report investigates what types of UK social enterprises are exporting, how they are trading and franchising overseas and where they are obtaining support.Read more

Lighting the Way: the state of social enterprise in Morocco 2014

SEUK was commissioned by the British Council Morocco and the Centre for Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship (CISE) to research the early stages of social enterprise development and its landscape in MoroccoRead more

The People's Business 2013

Figures published in ‘The People’s Business’ reveal a thriving social enterprise sector in the UK that is attracting a wave of entrepreneurs and out-performing mainstream business. The report was supported by the Royal Bank of Scotland Group.Read more

Out of the Shadows?

A progress report published almost one year on from The Shadow State, says that while private firms have been criticised for poor performance, they continue to profit from public services and operate without transparency and accountability.Read more

The Shadow State: A Report About Outsourcing of Public Services

This 2012 report by SEUK looks at how a small number of large companies providing outsourced public services are becoming too big to fail, with serious consequences for Britain’s economy and communities.Read more

Fightback Britain 2011

This report outlines the findings of the UK’s only national survey of social enterprises, and examines how the sector in 2011 is delivering on its immense promise.Read more

Growing Social Enterprise: Research into Social Replication

How can social enterprises successfully replicate their organisations? This report examines the various replication journeys open to social enterprises. January 2011.Read more