5 top tips for Applying to the UK Social Enterprise Awards

The CEO of 2018 UK Social Enterprise of the Year, Cafédirect, shares his 5 tops tips for applying for the Awards this year. Read more

Whatever happened to public service reform?

Our Director of External Affairs makes the case that we need to grow social enterprises in the public sector Read more

Housing: property or home?

Tessa Gooding from Urban Patchwork writes about how social enterprise can help bridge the gap between housing as property and housing as home to help address the housing crisis and contribute to a more sustainable society. Read more

We need to invest in markets – not impact

SEUK’s Charlie Wigglesworth on why we should be investing in markets not impact Read more

How to win more contracts with the public sector? - Talk to Procurement Pt 3

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How to attract and retain talent? Talk to procurement - Pt 2

The second blog in our 'Talk to Procurement' series looks at how companies can use their supply chains to attract and retain talent. Read more

How to engage consumers and drive up revenue - Talk to Procurement Pt 1

The first in a series of 3 blogs from Andy Daly, who works on our Corporate Partnerships, which looks at the potential of corporate procurement to increase their impact through their supply chain. Read more

Stop right now - the Spice Girls and big business aren't the answer to equality

Our Marketing and Communications Officer, Kate, argues that we shouldn't be fooled by big business co-opting feminist campaigns. Instead we should be supporting businesses set up to build a more equal society. Read more

Government must ask itself: what are we getting for our tax cuts?

Following news that corporation tax cuts will cost billions more than previously suggested, SEUK's Andrew O'Brien argues that tax cuts just don’t cut it anymore. Read more

Autumn Budget 2018 - Government is running out of road with its out of date economic thinking

Andrew O'Brien, our Director of External Affairs, gives his thoughts on the Autumn Budget, arguing that to boost productivity and build inclusive growth the government needs to back social enterprise. Read more

We can’t wait for Brexit to begin the difficult job of reforming our economy

SEUK's External Affairs Director, Andrew O'Brien argues ahead of the Budget that we cannot ignore the the difficult but necessary job of reforming our economy. Read more

‘Trading with organisations that support local communities is a powerful opportunity to make a difference

Wates Construction recently confirmed £313,010 of spend with social enterprises in the year to date from its Bedfordshire base in Luton. As MD of the Home Counties region, Ian Vickers discusses the role social enterprises play in building successful, sustainable communities when part of a local supply chain. Read more

Workers on boards alone won’t stop reckless corporate culture

SEUK's External Affairs Director, Andrew O'Brien, takes a deep dive into the announcement at the 2018 Labour Party Conference for more worker representation on corporate boards, and argues for social enterprise as an avenue to improve corporate culture and its impact on society. Read more

A Hidden Revolution is transforming the UK economy and everyone must take notice

SEUK's Charlie Wigglesworth argues that Government cannot afford to ignore social enterprise following on from our latest research which showed social enterprises contributing £60bn to the UK economy. Read more

Being Brave and Bold in Durham and Darlington

Jane Hartley (VONNE), Lee Mack (CDDFT), Catherine Parker (PHE) and Jenny Steel explore the opportunities offered by three CCGs and two Local Authorities committing to a new five year contract for community health services. Read more

We must turn the Civil Society Strategy into a coherent plan to support social enterprise

SEUK's External Affairs Director, Andrew O'Brien looks into the Government's Civil Society Strategy, what it means for social enterprise and how we can make it work for our sector. Read more

Swimming with a social conscience

Power to Change's Communications Coordinator, Matt McKeown, looks at a social and environmentally conscious way of cooling off in the heat. Read more