Shiply is a supporting member of Social Enterprise UK. Find out more about what being a support means here. was launched in 2008 with the mission of addressing the problem of the fact that 50% of vans and lorries run completely of cargo and 25% run only part full.

CEO and founder Robert Matthams created the business after ordering a pool table to his student house at the University of Manchester. After talking to the delivery driver he was shocked to discover that the driver would return to London with a completely empty truck. From here, the idea for Shiply was born, and since 2008 Shiply millions of customers have successfully prevented 100m kgs of CO2 from polluting our atmosphere, an amazing achievement as the company approaches its 10th birthday.

Matthams has won multiple awards for Shiply’s environmental benefits including the Environment and Energy Awards and the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge where the business was given a EUR100k grant to help grow the initiative across Europe.

Shiply is a website where people needing a delivery service make a listing specifying their requirements for transport companies to find and make bids on. Transport companies can look through the active listings and bid on those that fit in with their existing delivery routes. Once a few bids have been made, a favourite transport provider is chosen by the customer to make the delivery. Because the deliveries arranged through Shiply fit in with existing journeys, quotes are great value at up to 75% off standard delivery prices.

Over 100,000 transport companies are signed up to Shiply and there are a huge variety of delivery jobs, whether it’s transporting a boat or car, getting a large eBay item delivered or moving to a new home overseas.

Currently, the number of cars on UK roads is nearing 32 million, and moving goods by road is three times more common than by water and air combined. Companies like Shiply are needed now more than ever; congestion from delivery vehicles increased by 3.4% between 2008 and 2014 and our demands for fast, low-cost transport continues to rise.

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