What do I get from my free SEUK membership?

As a member of SEUK you will receive our membership badge showing that you are a certified social enterprise and part of the largest network of social enterprises in the world. Through joining our social enterprise community, you will be invited to exclusive SEUK networking events and have the opportunity to engage with our expanding network of social enterprises, corporate and wider partners. You will receive discounts to sector leading events, such as the Social Value Summit, be able to take part in our local and national campaigns like Social Saturday and be able to partake in our webinars free of charge. These cover topics from how to work with corporates to how to most effectively engage journalists through your online content. On top of this you will receive regular communications updates and newsletters from SEUK that will support you and your social enterprise. 

What do I get from being a paid member?

As a paid member you can take advantage of our exclusive online members area – upload jobs and news to be shared by SEUK. You will also have the opportunity to host webinars, access to discounted specialised paid for services and invitations to sessions of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Social Enterprise. This is on top of the wider benefits including access to networking events, communications and newsletter updates, and discounts and priority booking to several key events.

How much does it cost to join?

Our membership bands are as follows:

  • 0 - 100K turnover - FREE
  • 100K - 500K turnover - £175 per annum
  • 500K - 5M turnover -  £550 per annum
  • 5M – 15M turnover - £1500 per annum
  • Universities and local authorities - £1500 per annum
  • 15M - 50M turnover - £2,800 per annum
  • 50m+ turnover - £4,750 per annum 

Where can my organisation receive funding/ social investment?

Whether you’re looking for finance to start, grow or move into social enterprise, there are a number of different types of finance available, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. 

Finance for social enterprises range from grants to social investment, with many different options in between. In our advice and support section, you can find a more information on social investment.