Firstly, we need to bust a myth. A registered charity can still be a business. Many charities are social enterprises through and through: they don’t rely on grants and donations, but instead earn the bulk of their income through selling goods and services. 

HCT Group, London Early Years Foundation, Turning Point, Sandwell Community Caring Trust – are all social enterprises with charitable status. 

If your charity raises most of its income by trading, it’s probably a social enterprise already. In which case, welcome to the social enterprise world! Do join us or sign up for more information using the links above.

If your charity doesn’t raise most of it’s income by trading, then turning a charity into a social enterprise is principally about changing the funding / business model of the organisation.

This means moving away from being dependent on grants and donations to generating more of your income by selling goods and services. Read our guide for charities interested in social enterprise.