Why have you made membership free for small and start up social enterprises?

We want to build upon the excellent work the sector is doing; as the largest network and leading authority we want to increase our mandate and representation. We recognise how difficult it is for social enterprises in the early stages of business development – we therefore are opening our doors to allow everyone to join the movement as early as possible.

I used to be a ‘£75’ member and now my membership is free – will I be provided with the same services and benefits?

By making membership free we have had to slightly revise the membership package. The main changes are as follows:

  • Access to our online members area is now only available to paid members
  • Free members can access but will not be able to host webinars
  • As a free member, support from SEUK will be mostly via email communication rather than over the phone

I paid my membership fee in the last 12 months - will this be honoured until my renewal date?

SEUK will honour all ongoing memberships, upon the renewal date these will become free memberships and the offer will be in line with that described on our About Membership page. If you would like to retain certain benefits you can upgrade your membership to Band 2 (£150pa). 

Can I be paid member if my turnover is under £100,000?

Yes, you are welcome to join the £175 cohort if you would like to receive the benefits of a paid membership.