What are your requirements to be certified as a social enterprise?

Our expectations of social enterprises are as follows:

  1. Your business has a clear social or environmental mission that is set out in its governing documents.
  2. You are an independent business and earn more than half of your income through trading (or are working towards this)
  3. You are controlled or owned in the interests of your social mission
  4. You reinvest or give away at least half your profits or surpluses towards your social purpose
  5. You are transparent about how you operate and the impact that you have

Is it possible to be a supporter if I am not a social enterprise?

We are always happy to have more supporters for social enterprises and the sector more widely, that’s why we have a ‘social enterprise supporter’ badge. Supporters come in different shapes and sizes: they are local councils, private sector organisations, umbrella and trade organisations, charities and many others. If you are not a social enterprise yourself, but you support social enterprises, Buy Social, support our campaigns, our policy work and our businesses, then join us today.

Can I be an overseas member?

Yes! We welcome input and members from all over the world to join our network and build upon the work of the sector globally. You will need to meet our criteria (see above) to become a certified social enterprise; if not you can always become a supporter.