Do you have an idea for social action which you would like to turn into a successful social enterprise!

Social Enterprise Acumen is starting a training course in Durham and Gateshead one morning each week over 6 weeks. Book a place on individual workshops or start the journey with your idea for a social enterprise and develop your plans over the 6 weeks. By week 6 you’ll be the star of the show with all the information you need to start up and run your social enterprise. Our support doesn’t stop there. If you book all 6 sessions you’ll get 4 hours free individual coaching with our experienced and knowledgeable consultants who will tailor their support to fit you and your businesses individual needs.

Cost £25 per session.
We can also offer a limited number of free places to anyone who is unemployed or economically inactive and over 19 years old who lives in the Durham or Tyne and Wear/Northumberland area. For those eligible for the free places there are an initial two days of training to explore ideas, develop confidence and understand the skills needed to start a social enterprise.

To enquire about free places contact: or 01913869785
The Deadline for enquiring about free places in Durham is 21st April 2017 4pm
The Deadline for enquiring about free places in Gateshead is 12th May 2017 4pm

The workshops (9:30am - 12 noon)

6/6/17 Planning your social enterprise
Got an idea for a social enterprise? Want to learn how to turn a passion for a social issue into a financially sustainable business?
Planning your social enterprise is the first of six sessions which will help you to find the right business model, identify the support you need and start to plan what you need to launch your social enterprise.

13/6/17 Who will buy?
A social enterprise needs paying customers to be financially sustainable. This session will help you identify and reach your potential customers, understand your competition, and help you shape your products and your marketing to meet the needs of those customers.
20/6/17 Selling your idea
You need customers, funders, or investors to help you get your social enterprise off the ground. Learning how to sell your idea through bids, face to face meetings or over the phone is a crucial skills. This session will help you to develop a clear message and practice getting across in a safe space.

28/6/17 Setting up your social enterprise
Getting the right legal structure for your social enterprise is important for the now and the future. This session will help you work through a series of questions about decision-making, income generation, social purpose and profits to identify the options for the legal structure you need. Once identified you will know what process you then need to do to set up your social enterprise.

5/7/17 Managing the money
Running a successful social enterprise means knowing how much money you are making and how much cash you have available to cover your costs. Businesses can fail because of poor cash management even when they are making a profit so make sure you come to this session to understand your breakeven point and how to manage your cash flow and financial reporting

12/7/17 Launching your social enterprise
You’ve come up with the idea, identified your products and your customers, refined your sales pitch and set up your social enterprise. You know what you need to do to manage your money so now is the time to take that next step and launch the business. This session will take you through the steps of raining start up finance, testing your products and launching the business.

How can I contact the organiser with any questions?
0191 386 9785