The era of business as usual – upholding shareholder returns regardless of the cost to society – is drawing to a close.
As employees and customers more than ever seek out companies that take their social and environmental impact seriously, big business seems to be paying attention. They’re fixing harmful supply chains, scrutinising labour practices and letting the world know they’ve changed.

But is it all for show?

At the same time, grassroots social enterprises are springing up to meet consumer demands for ethical products and services, paving a new way to do good – beyond charities and government – by baking a social mission into a sustainable business model.

But are they large enough to have a real impact?

Do you wish your employer took a more ethical approach?
Are you looking for a more purposeful role or starting your own venture?
Should businesses be doing more - or is it all a smokescreen?

OnPurpose, _Social Starters and Year Here have brought together a panel of speakers from their networks to share their insights and perspectives on business as a force for good. They’ll discuss purpose-led businesses, volunteering and social enterprises, and offer their tips on how you can shape a career that creates a positive impact.

There will an opportunity to network and build your inner circle of like-minded business professionals who want to make a positive change in their lives and careers.

So whether you're seeking a more purpose-driven career, you currently work for or run a social impact organisation, or you are keen to join and support the movement, you are invited to join us to find inspiration, suggestions and advice.

Tickets for the event are £6 and cover refreshments on the night.

The speakers
Further details on speakers coming very soon. Please register on our Eventbrite event page for more details.

Thanks to Allia for hosting. Allia is an independent not-for-profit with a social mission, dedicated to amplifying impact. Its Future Business Centres in Cambridge, East London and Peterborough are home to impact entrepreneurs, and its Serious Impact programmes help hundreds of ventures to start up, grow and scale.